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Sexual Magnetic Energy Revealed…


Women are very sensitive to energy; This means they pick up on your vibe as a man pretty much automatically…

You could say that this is all part of ‘female intuition!’

Men on the other hand, take some time to tune into women before they start to grasp what is really going on with them…

To become sexually magnetic, you must learn to increase your sexual energy!

This means the energy that women tend to be in tune with…

For example, many men vibrate different energy; They vibrate playful energy, needy energy, sexual energy, attractive energy etc…

Believe it or not, women are intuitively aware of this energy.

If you are a needy person… you will project needy energy and women will pick up on it (even if your not aware of it), no matter what you say or do, your energy will always be the defining factor of how women see you.

This means if you can feel secure in sexual magnetic energy, women will begin to pick up on it, on a subconscious level and feel attracted to you, ‘without you even trying to impress her’.

Depending on what beliefs you project and radiate, will determine how well woman will respond to you…

In other words, your vitality and morale will over rule your words and your actions, your energy is more powerful and sets you up for success on all levels of your communication.

Have you ever experienced a time when you were friends with a girl and she fell for you without you even trying to seduce her?

This is because your not trying to impress her, but your energy tends to win over the women on it’s own.

You don’t need to learn chat up lines, skills or dating tips… you just need to increase your sexual magnetism and everything else will represent you greatly from this place of sexual power.

That’s why it’s possible for women to fall in love with unattractive men, ‘there’s just something about them’ that goes beyond the physical appearance.

By increasing your sexual magnetism, you’ll become a sexual magnet to the point where women start to tune into your attractive energy on a unconscious level.

Women will feel attracted, magnetised and enjoy your company and they won’t consciously know why, they’ll just pick up on it based on their female intuition because you radiate it from the inside without overtly displaying it.

Instantaneous Sexual Magnetism increases your sexual desirability and locks it into place with stronger self belief!

This is why ‘Instantaneous Sexual Magnetism’ increases your confidence and your ability to attract the beautiful women you desire!

You become a source of sexual magnetism that women can connect with easily without trying to impress her with surface structures behaviours.


This is how you attract beautiful women Instantaneously.. With ‘Instantaneous Sexual Magnetism’ you will not only feel attractive, but women will also feel attractive towards you based on magnifying your sexual magnetism.

This means you view women from a place of sexual flexibility and power!

This is called sexual magnetism… an effortless magnetic personality.

Women will feel attracted, magnetised and enjoy your company and they won’t consciously know why, they’ll just pick up on it based on their female intuition because you radiate it from the inside.

Be ready to release your sexual magnetism on 31st, August… this Monday.

All the best,

Nicholas Finnegan

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    February 26, 2010 at 11:25 am

    Hello! from Orlando. I enjoy your blog

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