How To Not Compare Yourself To Others


When we compare ourselves to other people, we actually take our personal qualities, put them up against somebody else’s and proclaim their qualities are better than our own.

When people do this, they feel bad about themselves because they are less successful than the other person.

The reality is, there will always be somebody who is smarter, faster or stronger than you are.

The first thing we should do to counteract this, is to acknowledge and appreciate our own personal qualities, independently from anybody else’s.

This allows us to not only recognize what is positive about ourselves, but to also discover how we can improve ourselves for the better, according to our own personal standards.

Now, there is ONE benefit we can get when we compare ourselves to other people, believe it or not, and that is; if somebody is better at something than you are, it gives you the motivation and drive to become more successful.

Instead of comparing ourselves to people in an unproductive way that undermines ourselves, we can compare ourselves to others in a positive way that inspires us to become more successful.

To do this, we must see other people’s success as an example of what we can achieve in our lives. This is called role modelling.

Anything anybody else has achieved, you can also achieve because you are a human being just like they are.

When we follow, mimic and copy somebody else’s success, we can produce that same success for ourselves.

So the next time you compare yourself to somebody in a negative way, STOP and admire their personal qualities instead, as an inspiration for yourself to achieve the same or even higher levels of success.

This is how beginners find small seeds of inspiration to become better at what they do. A beginner gymnast will admire a professional gymnast as a means of staying motivated to become like the professional gymnast they admire, and then eventually surpass that gymnast they admire.

Always acknowledge your own personal qualities in a positive light, independent from other peoples success. Then acknowledge other peoples success and use it as inspiration so you can model their success and therefore, achieve their success for yourself.

Never allow other people’s success to make you feel bad about yourself, only use other peoples success as an example of what you can achieve.

All the best in your success,

Nicholas Finnegan.


Why Opposites Attract In Relationships…


Somebody asked me today “I am in a relationship and it seems like me and my partner are the complete opposite to eachother. Why do opposites attract in relationships? ”

The answer is very simple…

Let’s say you have a couple: the man is strong, arrogant, intelligent and lazy… and the woman is weak, humble, uneducated and motivated…

These two kinds of people have the ability to attract eachother because they can learn alot from eachother in a way that allows them to grow…

The woman can learn to be stronger while she is around this man and he could inspire her to become more intelligent.

The man can learn from the woman to be more humble towards people and she will be his reminder to stay motivated to achieve his goals

Opposites attract in relationships when both the man and woman gain something from eachother and allows them to become more than what they were without eachother.

There is some benefit that each partner gains from the other that leads to growth, understanding and future development for the both of them.

An example: My mum is very sociable and my dad is very quiet, my dad told me that he was attracted to my mother because she is a very sociable person. My dad is also a very courageous person and my mum can be timid, so my mum looked to my dad for safety.

You must also be aware that in all relationships come with compromises: As long as you both laugh together, play together, understand eachother and treat eachother respectfully, these types of relationships flourish.

So don’t worry if your partner seems a little different to you, as long as you have a healthy relationship that is all that matters.

If you are a jock in high-school and you are attracted to a grade A student, go for it – you never know – she might admire your confidence and athletic abilities.

If you are a woman who enjoys dancing and the guy you like has two left feet, go for it – you never know – he might enjoy learning how to dance with you.

All the best,


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Plan Your Day For Life Success!


Every single day you should be thinking about the daily tasks you could do right now to improve the quality of your life: Your days are built and you are the one who creates them.

Many people wonder why their lives are not filled with the success and passion they have always dreamed of, but the main reason why their lives are not this way is because they haven’t planned for their lives to be this way.

We are not going to suddenly wake up tomorrow morning and be living the life of our dreams, we also cannot think to ourselves “someday things will get better or someday things will turn out right!” because ‘someday’ will never happen without a good action plan that is executed.

If we want our lives to get better, we must do the things that are required of us to improve the quality of our lives.

The best way to improve the quality of our lives is to put together a daily plan, that is – the things you need to do today and then execute that plan throughout the day… so that when you reach the end of the day, you feel that growing sense of accomplishment that you are moving closer and closer towards creating the type of life you really want.

The type of life that you want to create could be a successful business, feeling more happier or developing better relationships, but to create these things you must do something every day to contribute to the manifestation of these dreams.

If you want to build a successful business, think about what you can do today to improve your business and execute those tasks. If you want to feel happier, think about some of the things that make you feel happy and do those things each day to add to your own happiness. If you want better relationships, think about some of the things you need to do with your loved ones, such as telling them you appreciate them or invite your friend to a meal and go do it.

Every single step we take each day (no matter how small) moves us in the direction of accomplishing the life of our dreams.

Get a piece of paper, or a dairy and before you go to bed each night or at the beginning of every morning, write out a list of the things you can do to improve the specific areas of your life you want to improve. Then during the rest of the day, set out to accomplish these tasks, and as you complete them, tick them off and celebrate the fact you are moving closer and closer towards manifesting your desires.

A daily to do list will not only challenge you to grow and exercise your personal power; but it will also give you an ongoing sense of accomplishment every single day, which will add to your motivations to change your life and achieve your goals.


Write a list of the things you want to get done today (doesn’t matter how small they are) as long as they contribute to your ultimate goals.


1. Go for a jog = contributes to your fitness goals.

2. Tell your friend that you appreciate them = contributes to your relationship goals

3. Do a meditation session = contributes to your well-being

Then in the morning of the second day…

1. Join a boxing class = contributes to your fitness goals.

2. Invite your friend out for a meal = contributes to your relationship goals

3. Run a candle lit bath = contributes to your well-being

Then make another list the following day… etc…

Whatever your goals are, write down daily tasks that contribute to their manifestation and tick them off every single day as a job well done.

Write your list now and start executing it today; then tomorrow, write down another list of daily tasks and accomplish those aswell, every single day – you build and grow to accomplish your future dreams.

All the best in your life success,

Nicholas Finnegan

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How To Find Good Relationship Material…

September 24, 2011 Leave a comment


I have received many emails regarding what types of people you should look for in a relationship – and what types of people you should stay away from…

When you look for a relationship, you want to make sure that you stay away from two types of people…

The first type of person you want to stay away from, are people who are negative and also have strong personalities at the same time… these types of people will cause you to feel degraded.

Many of their qualities are based upon making people feel inferior to themselves. If you can’t put up with all that drama and the arguments, then there is absolutely no point committing yourself to these types of people.

They aggressively impose their own beliefs on people to validate themselves.

The second type of person you want to stay away from are loving sensitive types, these types of people have good hearts but are also hurt easily.

Many of their qualities are based upon a victim mindset or suffering complexes. They want to be loving people, but on some level they feel dominated by the world and can’t reach their fullest potential.

Often times you will spend most of your energy making them feel better about themselves, instead of finding the best possible outcomes for both of you… so you can easily move forwards.

The type of person you want to be in a relationship with, is a well rounded person… someone who has a good strong personality and who is also positive at the same time.

They know what they want and also know who they are… and if you can find someone like this, you will always have someone you can rely upon long term.

You should be able to spot their confidence within themselves and also their self esteem … they should also have goals in their life.

Now here comes the tricky lesson…

If you are loving person who is also hurt easily… it will be very difficult for you to find a well rounded person unless they are willing to emotionally support you.

If you are the type of person who has a strong personality but is also negative… it will be very difficult for you to find a well rounded person because they have to constantly put up with you.

If you have these qualities yourself, you should sort these out because it becomes alot easier to find relationships with well rounded people, if you also radiate this same time of energy aswell.

So learn to stop yourself when you feel any urge to put someone down. Speak from a place that makes people feel better about themselves.


Support yourself emotionally and learn to express your personality openly, without any self restrictions

Allow people to be who they want to be, without any judgemental thoughts about who you think they should be.

Learn to practice positive thinking, think positive thoughts about yourself, your life and also people.

Once you develop yourself into a well rounded person, many people will feel more attracted towards you and they will want to join you in your quality of life.

Best of luck,

Nicholas Finnegan

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Find Potential Partners Who Will Love You…

September 21, 2011 Leave a comment


A friend of mine who has been having trouble with relationships was tired of being hurt.

She starting to learn what to look for in a relationship and the new standards that her potential partners should uphold with her.

But she came to me with something the other day… she said…

“Love is when someone does not emotionally hurt you.”

However, you should not base love on not being hurt, rather you should generalize love as being showed respect, generosity, caring, appreciation… etc… love is a demonstration of love, not a demonstration of not being hurt.

If you fell over and got a cut, it would not mean somebody loves you if they didn’t put acid on your wound, it would only mean they love you if they bandaged you up.

In relationships (no matter how perfect they are,) you will always potentially get hurt because no relationship is absolutely perfect, but it’s your ability to pick up your relationship, help each-other and support each-other in difficult times is what makes your relationships meaningful.

Love is a demonstration of loving somebody as much as you love yourself.

Just because your potential partner does not hurt you, it does not necessarily mean they love you.

Look out for the signs that display love instead – the types of qualities that would allow you to feel good with your potential partner and hold onto those potential partners.

Find somebody who will treat you well, not somebody who will not treat you bad. This is true for men and women alike.


Nicholas Finnegan

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Are You Willing To Do What It Takes To Be Happy?

September 13, 2011 Leave a comment


People want to be happy but they are not willing to do what it takes to be happy… Why?

People say…

“I hate my life…!”

Then you would give them a solution and they would reply…

“I can’t be bothered… !”

Well if you can’t be bothered to do the things that would potentially make yourself happy, then what do you expect? Obviously your life is going to stay the same unless you change your daily habits!

If you want to be successful, happy or free yourself from life troubles… you should do whatever it takes to make those things happen, after all this is YOUR life and you are the only one who is responsible for it.

Nobody is going to magically come into your life and change everything for you, but I promise you, by putting in the right effort and self love over time, you will see gradual improvements and you will start to feel proud about yourself and your daily accomplishments.

You should always take the time to check into yourself and ask yourself…

“How do I feel?”

“Is my life going in the right direction?”

“Am I looking after myself properly?”

Your entire life is built upon your daily thoughts, feelings and actions… and also how those thoughts, feelings and actions effect you as a whole.

Do not ignore your dissatisfaction anymore… do not ignore important parts of yourself! Fulfil those parts of yourself and you will transform how you look at yourself and what you believe about yourself.

You are worth it and you deserve to be happy… so make sure you treat yourself in ways that reflect that. Live up to a higher quality of life for yourself, and this new higher standard will gradually become a part of your natural reality.

Start to ‘be bothered’ about your life, take care of yourself and you will feel good about your life over time.

All the best for yourself,

Nicholas Finnegan

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Live Your Life Today!

September 6, 2011 1 comment


Do you live how you really want to live in this present moment?

We all have specific ideas about how we want to live our lives, the main problem is that many people do not make the decision to start living their lives in this way right now.

Instead, those people dream about how they would like to live, but they don’t take the necessary steps to achieve that type of life-style.

Living the type of life-style you want, allows you to create the results you really want. If you were already successful… who would you hang around with? What would you think about yourself? What would you do on a daily basis…?

It makes total sense for you to start doing those things right now… and you will ultimately be living the type of life you want to live.

If you laze around all day, you will only create results according to that type of life-style. If you want to fully enjoy your life, work with passion and love your friends and family… you should be doing all of this right now.

Do not wait for something outside of yourself to make you live the life you really want, instead, think about how you would like to live and start to live that way right now.


1. Think about your ideal day…

How would you feel when you wake up?

What types of people do you communicate with?

What are you involved in that you are passionate about?

What hobbies do you do during your day?

What stimulates your mind and body?

How do you feel when you go to sleep?

Practice your daily lifestyle every single day and live the life you constantly dream of… Today…!


Nicholas Finnegan

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